News: LFA announced St Paul’s Plinth winner

By Elspeth Pridham
April 17, 2019

Lunch Break, the installation by creative architecture studio KHBT in collaboration with artist Ottmar Hörl, has been announced as the winner of the London Festival of Architecture and Cheapside Business Alliance competition. The installation will be installed as part of the London Festival of Architecture in June 2019 for ‘St Paul’s Plinth’ outside St Paul’s tube station. The winning project features 35 gilded angels that sit on randomly arranged bars, suspended from the existing wire grid. “We are delighted to be able to team up with our long-standing collaborator Artist Ottmar Hörl to implement “Lunch Break”. It will be an emotional and imaginative piece that is aiming to make people think and smile,” says Karsten Huneck, partner at KHBT.